blue sky studio
residential architecture
“The only result of trying to judge architecture as you would a school paper - A for that building, B for that one, etc. - is to spoil the pleasure architecture gives. It is a risky business. It is quite impossible to set up absolute rules and criteria for evaluating architecture because every worthwhile building - like all works of art - has its own standard. If we contemplate it in a carping spirit, with a know-it-all attitude, it will shut itself up and have nothing to say to us. But if we ourselves are open to impressions and sympathetically inclined, it will open up and reveal its true essence. It is possible to get as much pleasure from architecture as the nature lover does from plants. He cannot say whether he prefers the desert cactus or the swamp lily. Each of them may be absolutely right in its own locality and own clime.”

Experiencing Architecture
By Steen Eiler Rasmussen